Find us at

11, Market Place,

St Ives, Cornwall,

TR26 1RZ

We are a group of of artisans formed in 2003 who all live and work in Cornwall and produce craftwork of outstanding quality.

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St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives on a wonderfully bright, very cold February morning

Crowan Crafts March window display - Focus on Breadboards Samvado - wing shaped Ash bowl Val Moon - Felted 'Book Wraps' Crowan Crafts

 Crowan Crafts

Lynda Jewell - cheese dish Sam d'Etstouteville - Nordic style three-legged chair - handmade using traditional tools

St Ives

Crowan Cratfs - Ron Parnell - walking sticks Crowan Crafts - Jane Suchodolski - porcelain vases and bowls Crowan Crafts - Alan DiMambro - stomeware Bread Crock Crowan Crafts - Val Moon - needle-felted 'Spotty' bag Crowan Crafts St Ives - only Cornish only handmade Facebook Crowan Crafts - Cornish Mice by Sam Bonney Crowan Crafts - Maxine - freshwater pearls necklace with gold pendant Crowan Cratfs - The Green Man - pine cone and pyrography by Samvado and Susie Breeze Crowan Cratfs - Susie Breeze - pyrograph Crowan Crafts - Catherine Lucktaylor - coil-built Raku pottery Crowan Crafts - Ali Braybrooks natural lighting Crowan Crafts - Carole Venables porcelain pebbles and urchins Crowan Crafts - Carole Venables - hand-built porcelain shell Crowan Crafts Bonsai Trees by George Bouteloup


We will be closed from January 7th 2018 and we will open again in February 2018

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Crowan Crafts shop in St Ives by night Crowan Crafts - Barbara Karn - Green Bird Crowan Crafts - John Webb - TRoad bowl